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Towbars Brisbane & Surrounds

Are you planning a trip? Did you just buy a caravan or boat? Are you moving and don’t want to hire removalists, but you want to hire a trailer? Well if you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions then you need to contact the Towbars Brisbane Specialists at Mobile Towbar Fitting. They are the company that has you covered with a huge range towbars and towing equipment. They can install towbars on any vehicle from Minis to Diesel Trucks. They can get you on that holiday you always wanted to do with your caravan.

Contact Mobile Towbar Fitting to get your free quote and book you an appointment to get you and your caravan on the road today!

They are the leaders in everything towing, with a huge selection of brands and styles to suit any car or truck. They can also fit your lighting connections and metal connectors for all the towing requirements you have.

Every model of motor vehicle has a different chassis design and, requires a different towbar that may have to be designed to fit the chassis. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to fit a towbar to most models of vehicles. However some towbars are more complex and, therefore many take more time to fit due to the chassis design or added features such as spoilers or other items.

towbars Brisbane

Trailboss towbars
ark towbars
Aranda towbars

Our Towbars & Fitting Expertise Are Suitable For
Trailers Of All Sorts Including
Caravans, Horse Floats, Boat Trailers, And Mounting Bike Racks

We provide the following Services:

  • On site towbar fitting – we can come to your home or at work
  • Electric brakes fitting
  • Towbar wiring/electrics
  • Towing accessories & equipment

We use a range of quality trailer accessory suppliers including Ark Towbars, Aranda Towbars, Trailboss Towbars and many others.

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